Vaportini - The New Trend in Alcohol Consumption

Vaportini - The New Trend in Alcohol Consumption

How it works

The Vaportini provides an alternative way to consume alcohol. It is inhaled rather than swallowed. And because the alcohol is absorbed directly into the blood stream, bypassing the digestive tract, the advantages include no calories, no carbs and the effects are felt immediately by the individual.

The Vaportini is legal to sell and the alcohol consumed can be detected by a blood alcohol test.

The device, invented by Julie Palmer, is simple and can purchased as a kit online for approximately $35. A stainless steel ring is placed on top of a pint glass. The heat source is a small candle in the bottom of the glass. The glass "globe" containing the alcohol sits on the ring and is heated by the candle. About five minutes after the vessel containing the "spirits" is placed on the heating base, it is ready to be consumed. The recommended amount is 1 ounce of 70+ proof alcohols. 

Depending on the spirit type, the Vaportini will remain active for 20-40 minutes. The effects of this type of consumption do not last as long as traditional alcohol consumption. 

Why parents should be concerned

Not only is the device freely available to purchase online but, according to scientists, because this method bypasses the digestive system there is a high potential for dangerous levels of intoxication and higher rates of addiction due to the inhalation method over regular drinking. 

Although the general idea is to provide an "alternative" way for adults of legal drinking age to consume alcohol, the uniqueness and innovative design is catching the attention of teenagers across the country. It has parent of young adults concerned about a potentially new and dangerously addictive activity.

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